Stellar Master Elite – III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical

Third album for the German Stellar Master Elite, a band of which I honestly had never heard of before today. Bad, because III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical is an album that gives us a musical reality decidedly evolved, moving from a black metal base and then extending its scope to dark atmospheres that embrace a spectrum of sound ranging from doom to gothic, not to mention avant-garde drives. What many other bands would reduce to an indigestible soup is offered by Stellar Master Elite with the compelling appearance of a work in which every song and every step are treated and perfectly functional to the overall performance. Listening to the first tracks soon reveals the cards: Transmission: Disruption is a magnificent and evocative episode from the trend closer to doom than to black, which takes the scene, albeit streaked with electronic veins, as in Desperate Grandeur, or avant-garde drives as in Buried In Oblivion. Perdition Time Loop, then, plunges us into an oppressive and sudden darkness evoked by sounds that bring us back to Fields Of The Nephilim, deep vocals included; with Hologram Temple we fall back into the fetters of doom while The First Principle is a track characterized by a sharp black’n’roll. The short Mark Of The Beast introduces the longest track of the work, the multifaceted Eternalism that in its almost fifteen minutes of duration summarizes most of the peculiarities of Stellar Master Elite. The Psychospherical closes with the short Downfall, an ideal farewell to a successful and certainly surprising album, at least for those who culpably did not yet know this excellent German band, which effectively reshapes, without distorting the essence, the coordinates of a genre that just in the Teutonic land is finding some of its most effective expressions.

2015 – Essential Purification