Slow – IV Mythologiae

New release for the versatile Belgian musician Déhà, now based in Sofia where he is personally involved in the growth of a Bulgarian scene that, thanks to his impulse, shows a promising ferment. The one exhibited by the man who is behind projects such as Deos, Merda Mundi, C.O.A.G., We All Die (Laughing), Imber Luminis and the most recent Sources Of I, is the incarnation funeral doom called Slow, reached with IV – Mythologiae to its fourth act, as you can easily argue. Déhà is now for several years synonymous with quality, whatever the chosen genre to vent his irrepressible creativity, and this new mammoth work of the duration of exactly one hour is no exception: the disc is as usual excellent, well played and just as well produced, and all in all follows the content and value of the previous III – Gaïa, from which it differs perhaps for a slight attenuation of the roughness, aspect highlighted by a certain preponderance of the ambient component and the frequent use of clean vocals. All this perhaps partially penalizes that pathos, that sense of inevitability that so shows only at times in the intense parts dominated by bradycardic rhythms and by the always effective growl of the Belgian musician. I – The Standing Giant, II – The Drowning Angel and IV – The Dying God are structured in a similar way, with a first half with liquid and atmospheric traits, minutes that pass under the sign of an apparent peace that preludes the dramatic openings driven by dense and diluted riffs, while III – The Suffering Rebel exploits more the evocative effect of the clean voice alternating with the heaviness of the sound. The milestone, or rather tombstone, of the work is the final V – The Promethean Grief, where the most experienced connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize the inimitable growl of Daniel Neagoe, historical partner of our magnificent projects such as Deos, Clouds and Vaer, as well as vocalist of the indispensable Eye Of Solitude; the song turns out to be an ideal summa of what this brilliant couple has created in the doom extreme in recent years. Although in my opinion Gaïa could touch with more continuity the strings of emotionality, Mythologiae is yet another demonstration of quality by a unique musician and to be preserved as a heritage of humanity in the years to come.

2015 – GS Productions