This is not a review, but an attempt to make our readers aware of the need to contribute to the fundraising campaign, promoted by Eye Of Solitude and Kaotoxin Records, to help the families of the victims of the tragedy that occurred in Bucharest on the night of 30-31 October, when 32 people lost their lives and 179 were injured during the Goodbye to Gravity concert at the Colectiv Club, caused by a fire started by fireworks that spread quickly through the venue. The toxic substances released by the polyurethane coatings and the impossibility for most of the attendees (about 400 people, since the event was free of charge) to quickly leave the hall due to the presence of only one emergency exit, caused this terrible tragedy that shook metal fans everywhere. The fate of these two authentic heroes, Adrian Rugina (Bucium’s drummer) and Claudiu Petre (photographer and blogger), who lost their lives after having saved many others, was also striking and moving; it is no coincidence that the President of the Republic awarded them the rank of Knights of the National Order in their memory. The mobilisation on the part of the Lille-based label and the English doom band, led by Romanian musician Daniel Neagoe, was immediate and bore fruit in the form of this (needless to say) splendid unreleased track, which is available for download on Kaotoxin’s bandcamp, the proceeds obtained through free offers, released for purchase, will be entirely donated to the families of the victims of the tragedy. For what it’s worth, I personally vouch for the transparency and sincerity of the operation, having had the opportunity to appreciate over the years the seriousness and sensitivity of excellent people such as Nicolas Williart and Daniel Neagoe. Below is the press release from Kaotoxin and Eye Of Solitude: doom fans, and not only, do your part!
It’s no secret that both Kaotoxin and Eye Of Solitude have strong ties to Romania: a member of the Kaotoxin staff, Radu C., was born in Romania and we had the chance to visit the country with him twice, and made new friends each time, while the musical soul of Eye Of Solitude, Daniel N., although living in the UK for a long time, was also born in Romania and has strong ties with the local scene, having been part of several bands from his home country, and tries to play there as often as possible, as happened in 2013 at Ghost Gathering with Eye OF Solitude or, more recently, last summer as session drummer of Shape of Despair at Dark Bombastic Evening. Immediately after the tragedy, Daniel N. decided that Eye Of Solitude would release a single in a digital-only format to raise money for the families of those who unfortunately died in this tragic event.
Here is a message from Daniel N.:
“To all metal fans out there: we, as Eye Of Solitude, want to show our support and solidarity to the victims of the fire at the Colectiv Club and their families. Among them were old friends, including the people who fought to save those trapped inside that blazing inferno, heroes who have now left their families, wives, husbands, sons and daughters in dismay. This is not a support to be taken lightly, it is a wake-up call and a call for solidarity. This is a time when everyone should take stock and try to imagine the hell these heroes went through to save others. We would like to appeal to all of you to help help the families and those in need at this time. With this charity we hope to collect as much money as possible and send it directly to the families of those who perished on the night of Friday 30 October 2015. Remember, brothers and sisters, we are all in the same community, and we have a duty to be united and in solidarity. Remember these people, who were wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters; friends ā€¦ please, let us do something! Thank you.”
The entirety of the funds raised by Kaotoxin through digital sales of the single Lugubrious Valedictory, an unreleased 13+ minute track specially composed and recorded for this charity initiative, will go directly to Eye Of Solitude who reassure fans that the money will be delivered directly to those in need.

2015 – Kaotoxin Records