The necrophorists of doom return to bring us back in the middle of the human tragedy connected with the inescapable moment of death. The formula of the cult band from Genoa is now well established, so as to constitute a now recognizable trademark: the macabre keyboards of Labes C. Necrothytus occupy the scene punctuated by the vocal style of the same, sort of deviated version of McCoy. In this album, however, even the guitar of Regen Graves carves out different and appreciable solo spaces, in deference to a mood in some ways more direct and less hostile, albeit with all due distinctions of the case: the feeling is that Abysmal Grief relegate their experimental drives to the releases of shorter length (ep or split that are) to make the full length targeted to a range of listeners who, in addition to fans of doom, can also include those who are accustomed to dark horror sounds or those progressive esoteric matrix. Strange Rites Of Evil, therefore, does not disappoint, thanks to a package of excellent songs that, while remaining within established patterns, give the typical sweetish smell of rotting flowers in small cemeteries forgotten and prove to be the ideal musical accompaniment to a dance macabre of which our interpreters are the choice. Abysmal Grief in recent years have intensified their activities, both in the studio and live and, in this regard, we point out that the twentieth anniversary of their foundation will be honored by a European tour that will start in April in the company of Epitaph.

2015 – Terror From Hell Records