Illusions Play – Snowflakes

Shortly after disbanding Anlipnes, Vitaly Petrenko and Berrin Yahyaoglu found Illusions Play, a band openly devoted to Shape Of Despair since the chosen moniker, and their first taste with a single in 2011 provides encouraging signs that are confirmed with the full length The Fading Light (2014), where long tracks of good workmanship are exhibited, then with the ep Snowflakes; it must be said, also, that has not lost the habit of inserting perfect female voices, this time by the charming Berrin, certainly more at ease than she who preceded her in the Anlipnes but not even a distant relative of a Natalie Koskinen, just to stay in theme Shape Of Despair. On the whole, these are two pleasant works but they don’t manage to chase away the feeling of listening to a faded copy of the seminal Finnish band: a pity, because this couple of musicians, with a little more courage and attention to detail, seems to have the possibility to offer something much more incisive.

2015 – Independent