Weeping Silence – Opus IV Oblivion

Malta is one of the smallest nations in Europe, but in terms of doom metal has a deep-rooted tradition: it is no coincidence that in the enchanting Mediterranean island takes place since 2009 a renowned festival dedicated to this musical subgenre. Weeping Silence explore the most melancholic and melodic part of doom, that is the one cloaked in gothic atmospheres, with the usual dichotomy between male and female voice. Clearly, with this kind of premise, those who hoped for something particularly innovative can also pass over, since the crowded Maltese band, consisting of 7 elements, does nothing but propose the sounds brought to the highest levels of expression by names such as Draconian or the first Within Temptation, just to name two particularly heavy. But Opus IV Oblivion deserves much more than a distracted listening because, in front of a relative catchiness, the matter is treated in the best possible way, which translates into a collection of compelling and exciting songs: all that is right to expect from an experienced group, after all, with already three other full length active during a musical history of more than ten years. In fact, the purely doom component is found more at an attitudinal level than stylistic: here, in fact, we will not find asphyxiating slowdowns or particularly leaden atmospheres, thanks to a linear and effective songwriting and the sweet (but not cloying) voice of Diane Camenzuli, who, without ever going over the top, leads us pleasantly along this melancholic path but without excessive roughness. The value of the album lies precisely in its pleasantness that never fails, except for a slight dulling in the middle part with the two episodes perhaps less brilliant, In Exile and Stormbringer, and marked by sudden openings during which the instruments are released reaching evocative peaks not negligible: Eyes Of The Monolith, Hidden From The Sun, Bury My Fairytale possess precisely these characteristics, even if the icing on the cake ours place right at the end, with the theatrical and dramatic Gothic Epitaph, beautiful and authentic sound manifesto of the Maltese band. A corollary of a tracklist of good level is added the proof of thickness of the entire band: said of the vocalist, the growl of Dario Pace Taliana has the merit of completing the vocals without being intrusive, while the rest of the troop erects a painful sound accompaniment, enhanced by the excellent work of the lead guitar of Manuel Spiteri, as well as a production of absolute excellence. Ultimately, those who love this genre will have to enjoy the work of Weeping Silence, able to give fifty minutes of music refined and melodic but at the same time covered with a robustness reasoned and never end in itself.

2015 – Massacre Records