The air that pulls in Finland must surely be particular: after all, the funeral doom was born in those lands by the hand of Thergothon and was then perfected and codified first by Skepticism and then by a series of exceptional bands such as Shape Of Despair, Colosseum and, more recently, Profetus. More than one may have forgotten an album released in 2005, titled Tides Of Awakening, for over a decade remained the only long-distance testimony of Tyranny, a band that is connected to Profetus for the common membership of Matti Mäkelä, who with Lauri Lindqvist shares the fate of this band suddenly returned to the fore with a new album. Aeons In Tectonic Interment resumes the discourse exactly from the point where it was abruptly interrupted: Tyranny‘s funeral is not as evocative as that of Skepticism or Shape Of Depair, but somehow fills the gap left by the late Juhani Palomäki’s Colosseum: a hint of perennial tragedy hovers over a work that literally drags for fifty minutes, materializing the image of a soul from the painful gait caused by the unbearable weight of existence. Lindqvist’s voice is appropriately inhuman and blends with the slow scores capable of wrapping in a spiral of despair from the venomous effects: but here, at times, sporadic glimpses of melody create narrow gaps in the thick blanket of negativity, where they go to graft fleeting glimmers of hope, even more terrible for their deceptive essence. Mäkelä’s guitar doesn’t only produce deadly riffs in their pachydermic slowness, but also gives pearls of poignant pain as in the opener Sunless Deluge and in the wonderful ending of Bells Of The Black Basilica, a monumental song for its terrifying beauty. Tyranny risked to remain relegated to the status of cult band, moreover in a sector that in itself is already sufficiently niche, but with this magnificent work enter by right in the elite of the Finnish funeral, which is equivalent to say world, given the already mentioned importance of the nation of a thousand lakes for the development of the genre.

2015 – Dark Descent Records