Debut album for the Portuguese Carma with a funeral doom on generis but full of interesting nuances. The band from Coimbra comes to this first step after a few years of activity and, in fact, the work does not suffer from the defects and naivety that sometimes afflict the first record releases. On a relatively short development, Carma extrinsic in six tracks valid and above all various, which pass from openings of atmospheric ambient to accelerations that go up to black rhythms; said of a stylistic choice certainly not monotonous, on the other hand the Lusitani lack the sample shot, in this case the song able to nail the listener to the chair crushing him under an unbearable emotional weight. In fact a track like Reflexo would be quite close, whose cues, if well developed, could allow in the future an important leap in quality, but in the end the notes of the album that stick in the mind are those of the final Adeus, simple instrumental in its structure but undoubtedly with a certain evocative charge, in its going also to draw from the valuable folk tradition of the Iberian nation. Although not unforgettable, the album is a first test of undoubted interest and, therefore, harbinger of good future developments.

2015 – Labyrinth Productions 2017 – Dying Sun Records