Ēōs – Ēōs

Second test for the U.S.A. Ēōs, after a demo sample released last year. The band from Olympia proposes a funeral doom rather orthodox and without particular frills but, compared to recent releases, the outcome appears more organic and less minimal, also because, for once, the execution is not the prerogative of a single element but is done by the hand of a real group. The sound deglj Ēōs takes its cue from the roots of the genre, starting from Thergothon and passing through the most extreme acts, in the sense of slowing down the rhythms, in the wake of Worship, everything is performed without exalting but showing a good mastery of the matter and offering two songs widely in the average for their ability to evoke assorted suffering. For the neophytes this work of Ēōs could be definitely indigestible, while those who know more deeply the genre will probably find more than one reason for interest. Clearly, a little more than twenty minutes can not be exhaustive about the characteristics of a band, but they are definitely indicative of potential not negligible. The Ēōs are therefore to be waited for the test on longer distance.

2015 – Independent