Three years after the single Memories Of Flesh, the U.S. Fin’amor appear on the death doom scene with this debut full length entitled Forbidding Mourning. Contrary to what usually happens to overseas bands, which often take inspiration from what is their best expression in the field, or Daylight Dies, the New York group turns its gaze towards the old Europe, specifically Finland, taking as a reference point especially Swallow The Sun. Not that ours are a photocopy of the masters of melodic death doom, all in all Fin’amor put us of theirs to try to differentiate themselves, starting from a more conspicuous use of the piano than the standards of the genre, it is certain that, when the sound takes off expressing its full-bodied drama, the similarities with Raivio and his associates are obvious. Not so bad, after all, since the offer of the boys from Brooklyn stands on a good average level, compensating the relative originality with an appreciable compositional vein highlighted in tracks full of pathos as Oasis and the long Natura, without forgetting episodes more rarefied but not less effective as Memories Of Flesh or Porcelain Swan. To be noticed the good vocal proof of Benjamin Meyerson, founder of Fin’amor together with guitarist Julian Chuzhik and keyboardist Nodar Khutortsov, endowed with a powerful growl and a deep and tuneful clean voice; moreover, the current configuration of the band with six elements enriches the sound, making even more effective the most robust passages. Ultimately a first step more than positive, for the next one we hope essentially a gradual detachment from their stylistic models.

2015 – Independent