Inspired by the tales of H.P. Lovecraft, Tyrant’s Kall, a Belgian band that combines Scandinavian death metal, doom heaviness and thrash outbursts for an extreme result that, far from modern reminiscences, creates horror and epic/fantasy atmospheres. The band, which has an orcish-sounding miss from Minas Morgul on the mic (Esmee Tabasco), was formed in 2007 and their long-distance debut (Dagon) was released in 2012. As mentioned, Tyrant’s Kall wisely combines Scandinavian death metal of the early nineties with epic doom. Tabasco switches from growl to clean, gritty and sometimes declamatory vocals, while her bandmates alternate fast extreme rides with classic doom metal slowdowns, making their proposal varied and pleasant to listen to. Monolithic heaviness at times, typical of doom/death and excellent parts where the classic sounds are the masters, filling the air with horror atmospheres and warlike nuances, the album has its strong point in the great work of the rhythm section, exhilarating when it runs away (Miskatonic Witch), very heavy in the slow and inexorable flow of the music of destiny (Evil Eye), keeping the listener’s attention high, with the undoubted skill in knowing how to vary the sound at the right time. Between the grooves of Gla’aki, it will not be difficult for you to discover the numerous influences that the band incorporates into its sound, without leaving an aftertaste of what you have already heard, because there are quite a few historical bands, famous or not, that are brought up by the Belgian band. Dismember and Entombed, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Year Zero, just to name a few, take turns in the various tracks, until the final Elixir Of Immortality, the perfect summary of the band’s sound, a doom start, an atmospheric and declamatory interlude and a rocket start to reach the most extreme metal, until the return to monolithic sounds that accompany us to the end of the album. Again the master Lovecraft in the foreground, a source of inspiration for many bands and on which Tyrant’s Kall add another excellent soundtrack: for lovers of the aforementioned genres a truly successful album. (A.Centenari, MetalEyes 17/12/2015)

2015 – Witches Brew