L.A.C.K. – The Fragile (Soundtrack For The Tormented)

Second album for L.A.C.K. (Life Affliction Can Kill), project of Acheron, Italian musician dedicated to a form of DBSM of convincing quality, as already evidenced with the ep When Everything Is Gone, dating back to last spring. On this occasion, our structure his creature as a real band, using the rhythm section of Eyelessight formed by Ky and HK, also brings together several characters of the national scene, such as Tenebra (Dreariness), Kjiel (Eyelessight) and The Haruspex (Selvans), and their contribution enriches the work especially from the point of view of voice, making several variations to what remains, however, the classic desperate scream that is the mark of the genre. Together with funeral doom, depressive black is the musical style that more than others manages to evoke in a complete way the pain of living, specifically exploiting the dichotomy between a structure often gently melancholic or acoustic matrix and the torment produced by a stinging vocal approach. The work of Acheron develops so in this sense, adhering to the orthodoxy of the genre but doing it through a series of beautiful songs in their joining melodic lines touching the rhythmic structure of black metal. The contribution of the heartbreaking female vocals of Tenebra and Kjiel, respectively in The Fragile and Your Reflection, is undoubtedly a good value achieved for two songs that photograph in an eloquent way the compositional skills of Acheron, able to imprint to their sound that patina of blunt despair that does not shock but imprisons the listener irreparably in a gray and suffocating cocoon. Magnificent also Nothingness and the long Stains, while Distress Supernova moves on territories more properly black, partly supporting the presence of the guest The Haruspex; to open and close the work there are two instrumental tracks, the acoustic While The Silence Of The Night… and the ambient ..It’s The Soundtrack Of A Torment, composed respectively by Kjiel and Ky, demonstrating Acheron’s intent to make the most of the inspiration of his fellow adventurers. The national DBSM scene is definitely lively and well represented a group of bands or projects of great quality (several of which are notes represented in this The Fragile) that provide an interpretation of the genre sufficiently peculiar: L.A.C.K. is currently one of the best expressions, to be followed without delay along this painful but fascinating way.

2016 – Throats Productions