Agonia – O Adormecer Aeterno / O Desvanecer

Agonia represent a sort of funeral counterbalance to what is happening in the Lusitanian black scene, with the emergence of different realities able to interpret this last genre in an orthodox, low fi and no frills way. Rui Vrt moves starting from a similar assumption, privileging the stripping down and the essentiality of the sound, recovering its primitive nature and enslaving it to an impact that travels at a speed diametrically opposed to the compatriots devoted to black, while maintaining a musical philosophy not dissimilar. The production of the band is limited to two demos released in cassette for War Productions, O Adormecer Aeterno and O Desvanecer, for a total turnover of about an hour of music that allows Rui to present with good feedback live this creature aimed at an audience as ever niche, even more than it is not his usual funeral doom.

2015 – War Productions