Majestic Downfall – …When Dead

I followed Jacobo Córdova with his project Majestic Downfall since the debut full length Temple Of Guilt, dating back to 2009, and already those first steps managed to convince me through the proposal of a death doom rather harsh but definitely balanced, well executed and with a compositional level always above average. The split of last year with The Slow Death, then, had highlighted a further maturation thanks to a handful of tracks very effective and in some ways more direct than in the past, making it so propaedeutic to the publication of an album able to raise the name Majestic Downfall to the height of the best bands in the genre. …When Dead, fourth full-length for Córdova, hits the target without necessarily subjecting to a softening of the sound, indeed, the Mexican musician continues to hammer the eardrums with a death doom often oriented on the first of the two components, without neglecting to insert valuable passages of heavy guitar, to enrich an album of considerable value. The quarter of an hour of Escape My Thought represents the quintessence of the disc, thanks to a development that goes to embrace all the stylistic nuances compatible with the proposed genre, helping to place Majestic Downfall on a floor very close to another interesting solo project as that of the German Pierre Laube’s Doomed: unlike his Teutonic colleague, Jacobo Córdova seems to have a greater propensity for sudden melodic openings that, for example, are able to give breath beautifully, in its final, to a song long rather tetragonous as The Brick, The Concrete. If Doors is very well in line with the previous tracks (with the exception of the short and evocative atmospheric intro …When Dead), The Rain Of The Dead closes the album by representing the most orthodox and slowed down death doom, but without ever giving up those characteristic accelerations that prevent the songwriting from spinning on itself. Beautiful album and yet another confirmation of the value of a musician that would be criminal to underestimate.

2015 – Pulverised Records