Faithless Minuted Devoured – A Eulogy For Humanity

Dave J. Coats is one of the many musicians for whom composing music is not only an artistic outlet but also has therapeutic values. His first project, born in 2011 with the intent in the first instance to propose dark ambient sounds, has the name Faithless Minuted Devoured and leaves as a sign of its existence only one beautiful funeral album, A Eulogy for Humanity. To realize the work, Coats is helped by his Finnish friend Kalle Kannisto (Armath Sargon), who will then take care of the finalization and release of the work, since for personal problems the musician from Oklahoma would have abandoned the game, except then take over the whole thing and record again the tracks that on bandcamp you can find in both versions. A Eulogy for Humanity is full of religiousness – both Coats and Kannisto belong to the fringe of Christian musicians – well expressed by touching atmospheres and by the clear melodic openings mottled only by the riffing and by a harsh growl; it’s a release of great intensity that deserves a rediscovery by fans, even if I realize that many of them are skeptical about certain issues, wrongly in my opinion.

2015 – No Sleep till Megiddo Records