There is no doubt that Finland is the homeland of funeral, since first Thergothon and then Skepticism invented and codified this wonderful sub-genre of doom metal. Over the years, other bands from the land of a thousand lakes have provided unforgettable evidence, we mention only Shape of Despair, Colosseum and Profetus among the best known, just from the latter comes Eppu Kuismin, who has recently formed this new band called Arche, whose debut reveals a new painful pearl. The Finnish musician actually starts on his own, composing, playing guitar and taking care of the vocals, assisted by Panu Raatikainen (bass and guitar) and Ville Raittila (drums): the sound proposed by Arche does not follow that of the mother band but, if anything, is closer to what Colosseum did. In some way this new creature, in fact, fills the gap created by the inevitable split due to the untimely departure of Juhani Palomäki, following in his footsteps with a writing marked by a constant emotional tension, opting for a heavy pace driven by diluted and distorted riffs on which arpeggios that draw poignant melodies are placed, as happens in particular in the final of the magnificent Plains Of Lethe. But in the sound of the trio from Tampere converge, in the end, even influences from Central Europe (Worship, for some passages from the suffocating slowness), both from the southern hemisphere (Mournful Congregation, for a certain taste in the use of acoustic solutions), to denote a knowledge of the material from the first class by Kuismin. Funereal Folds is the second of the two long tracks that make up this half hour of funeral doom at its highest levels: also here the beautiful progressions cloaked in pathos alternate with passages more rarefied or sudden melodic openings, placed almost to symbolize an ephemeral and illusory attenuation of pain that pervades the entire work. Undercurrents is fundamental nourishment for those who look for lasting emotions in music.

2015 – Graceless Recordings 2016 – Third I Rex