Who is in spasmodic waiting for the new album of Moonsorrow can, in the meantime, partially satiate himself with this succulent appetizer of epic and symphonic black offered by the Finnish Ancestors Blood, at their third full length proposed in the course of a ten-year career. The juxtaposition to the most famous compatriots derives essentially from the approach that makes of emotionality, inserted in a solemn mood, their modus operandi, even if the band coming from Laitila is mostly attracted by heavy metal pulsions that find their outlet in frequent and apt guitar solos, while the folk component is all in all set aside. In fact, the keyboards provide a symphonic halo that emphasizes the whole without making it at all plasticized: in this way the album flows away intense but enjoyable, proving to be one of the best possible interpretations of the genre, all in all not assimilable to the bombastic black of Dimmu Borgir school but, if anything, comparable in certain passages to Arcturus Aspera Hyems Symfonia era (also for the fundamental incursions of lead guitar, although in the seminal Norwegians this aspect drew more progressive). The more than 50 minutes of Hyperborea don’t show any failure, even in its second part when the sounds become darker and darker: Ancestors Blood are good at diversifying the sound, passing from tracks that are magnificent in their oozing of epic and melodic scents like The Way Of Spirits, Autumn and Elegies, to others that are harsher and in some ways adherent to the stylistic features of the most traditional black, as in Rite Of Passage and Funeral Rite. But, objectively, this beautiful album is to be enjoyed as a whole as a magniloquent and solemn fresco, expression of a Nordic musical culture that continues to fascinate, although it has arrived in our CD players since more than twenty years.

2016 – Naturmacht Productions / Heidens Hart Records