Another band from the U.S.A. dedicated to funeral doom and of which you do not have other news if not those related to moniker and song titles, Raven Mocker debut with this ep entitled Livid Flame. The two tracks, named in a rather essential way I and II, run for about ten minutes each offering an orthodox interpretation of the genre as engaging, or with a good keyboard work to enrich pathos sounds produced and performed in a satisfactory manner. Between the two tracks, the first one lives of an almost liturgical solemnity conferred by an excellent work to the ivory keys, while the second one lets the guitar mainly draw the sorrowful and poignant melodies that, however, are poured with good continuity inside these twenty minutes of intense and emotional funeral. A really convincing album, and recommended without hesitation to those who love to collect unconventional music proposed through supports as much particular, since Livid Flame has been published by Atrum Cultus in the format of the cassette tape in limited edition to 100 copies; everything costs 5 dollars and, in light of the excellent music given by Raven Mocker, for a lover of funeral the quality/price ratio is certainly convenient.

2015 – Atrum Cultus