Flegethon is a name that stirs the Russian scene of the most extreme doom since the beginning of the century and Cry Of The Ice Wolves III is even the ninth full length released under this brand. Born as a duo, after the exit of De’Meon since 2003 the band is actually a solo project led by Oden. The album under consideration is the third and last part of the concept formed by the homonymous song in the debut album The Last Stage Of Depression and the other long-distance work, Cry Of The Ice Wolves II of 2007. Compared to the ambient drone rather tetragonous of that work, Oden on this occasion leaves room for glimpses of melody that accompany pleasantly the monotrack until its epilogue: the sounds appear much more accurate and the suffocating sense of threat of the episode II is replaced by a restlessness that mounts slowly and inexorably as a tide. Thanks to this, this half hour of music shows more the merits than the defects of the specific subgenre, succeeding in the task of not boring, wrapping instead the listener with a continuous flow of sound but with linear and recognizable traits. If it is partially less experimental vis that animated the past works, Cry Of The Ice Wolves III is still a mature and competitive work, albeit in its narrow stylistic scope, in particular, those who prefer the ambient in its darkest features could appreciate not a little.

2015 – Mercy Despise