With annual frequency comes the new work of Ego Depths, solo project of Stigmatheist, Ukrainian musician who for several years now has settled lives in Montreal. In recent years we have dealt with the two previous albums and, speaking of Dyrtangle, there is little to add than what was said at that time. The funeral by Ego Depths does not have melodic pulses but is a foreign body stuck in some part of the body, aimed at causing a widespread pain, not excruciating but constant. Obviously this is a symptom of a minimal usability and this, if you like, is the only defect of a work sharable in its coherently placing itself on a level not accessible to anyone, but that by virtue of a duration at the limits of the capacity of a CD proves to be laborious digestion even for the most accustomed to the genre. It’s clear that all this comes from a very precise choice of Stigmatheist: the album is the expression of a musician well aware of what he’s doing and, more than once, when you expect the opening resulting from a logical progression this is denied, as if to emphasize the intent not to provide any empathic grip to the listener. Dyrtangle, however, is a very nice work, even at the level of instrumental choices, often unconventional and sometimes cloaked by a mystical aura and, moreover, the last track Vitrification, Ineludible Meditation is really remarkable, by virtue of a more intense and relatively less difficult. Also thanks to this, the fourth full length of Ego Depths has its own undoubted charm, but it is certainly not the album that you pull from the deck with decision if you want to listen to the funeral able to offer emotions in profusion.

2015 – Dusktone