Imber Luminis – Veiled

The umpteenth project of the multiform Déhà, Imber Luminis is the one that comes closest to depressive metal. This is also because, in addition to melodic sounds and never pushed to the extreme, we find a vocal performance marked by the desperate scream typical of the genre, lent for the occasion by Daniel Neagoe. The short ep in question consists of two tracks in which different influences come together that the eclectic Belgian musician is able to shape, as always, to his liking and the result, needless to say, is just over a quarter of an hour of beautiful and painful music. If Veiled Part I, at times, seems a sort of DSBM version of The Cure’s Disintegration, Veiled Part II touches, in its own way, the typical indolent trend of Type 0 Negative’s October Rust. In the latter track, the desperate scream is counterbalanced by a deep growl and persuasive clean vocals. Déhà never ceases to surprise even those who, like me, have been following its various incarnations for a long time, and once again convinces by shunning elaborate solutions, going straight to the heart of the listener. All that remains is to thank him for this and support his entire work with the utmost conviction.

2016 – Independent