The constant search for news in the funeral doom field today brings us to know Lumen Oceani. We have already seen how much a sub-genre, which is already in itself absolutely peculiar, can show in turn so many facets. So, even in its most melodic fringe, the sound can be conducted by guitar lines tearful or solemn keyboards and liturgical tones. Just in this last stylistic nuance are placed the Swedish Lumen Oceani, a band that, as usual, does not offer any other descriptive crutch if not its own music, being not available any biographical hint both on Facebook and Bandcamp. No harm done, as always, when the notes occupy all the spaces, filling the spaces of mournful and solemn sounds and transporting the listener inside a virtual sacred place where the organ, choral parts and all that is closely related to the ecclesiastical rituality, cloak the air with melodic lines inescapably dark. Of the three long tracks are especially the first and the last to stand out for quality and intensity: Die Clamavi Et Nocte Coram Te starts showing the deep stigmata of the masters Skepticism, and it can only be a beautiful gait that proposed by Lumen Oceani, since the other obvious stylistic influence are Ea, especially when in the compositions decreases the solemnity in favor of the melody. Feature, this, which is just more evident in the final Panis Vitae, another remarkable track to seal the beauty of a work that in its fifty minutes shines a little less only in the central track Caverna, darker but less evocative than the rest. Errabundus Eram Regno Tenebrarum is an excellent album that, as mentioned, pushes to the extreme the liturgical component of the funeral without ever appearing cloying, going to touch the right keys of emotion with a sound more comforting than threatening.

2015 – Independent