Wisdom Of Shadows – Sciah Vosieni

The Belarusian duo Wisdom Of Shadows appeared on the scene with a certain decision at the beginning of 2015, practically with one release per month until May: Sciah Vosieni is, among these, the second long-distance one, at least nominally given the duration of both of them just over half an hour. That said, the atmospheric black proposed by this pair of musicians is anything but negligible: beautiful orchestrations, a sound sometimes epic, sometimes majestic, but always with a hint of icy melancholy; Sciah Vosieni is not something new but not even so obvious, and moreover is performed with a good property and sufficient personality.
The album, although technically it would not be, in fact has a predominantly instrumental imprint, since the vocals of Deni Dark remain too much in the background, proving to be an ominous rant in the distance that integrates without disturbing the beautiful melodies produced by Erebor. On the other hand, the length more appropriate to that of an ep translates into an advantage, given a hint of repetitiveness of the main themes, which results in a sin only venial thanks to their effectiveness and evocativeness. Personally this is a solution that I appreciate very much, catalogued as a less introspective form of ambient music, with which it has in common its ideal location in the background, in the light of persuasive sounds but not trivial, even if memorable. Sciah Vosieni is a fascinating work all in all, with several peaks of intensity that, perhaps, could be increased if the proposal was slightly differentiated and the Wisdom Of Shadows made it less dispersive, grouping the material composed in a few targeted releases.

2016 – Dark East Productions