H I V E – Emergence

Although proponents of a rather canonical sound, H I V E, a band from Guelph, Ontario city not far from Toronto, are not lacking in strangeness. Said that the members in the flesh are led by vocalist Brood Mother, accompanied by the quartet of Acolyte Drone respectively named Solitary, Entomophagus, Titus and Carrier, and that live perform hooded and masked as customs and traditions however now quite in vogue, what certainly makes H I V E unique is the composition of an album that deals with the life cycle of a locust. Coming to the sound offered, Emergence oscillates between funeral and sludge, with a remarkable black shot at the end of the final track Swarming, without reaching heights of high quality but giving more than half an hour of good music, quite engaging especially, I guess, in live performances. The five hooded demonstrate with this work to know their business, which suggests that these are musicians of good experience probably engaged elsewhere.

2016 – Independent