Kno3 – Through The Mouth Of The Grotesque

Terpomele, a musician from Brest, has chosen a challenging and perhaps deceptive nickname, since deciding to call himself artistically as the part of an organ would suggest sounds similar, for example, to Skepticism. On the contrary, with this solo project called Kno3 (of whose moniker instead there is no way to grasp the meaning) the noble and ancient instrument is used but in a measured way, leaving space to a sound definitely keyboard-based but with a great contribution of piano and guitar, instruments aimed at creating melancholic atmospheres that often come into conflict with sudden accelerations, roughness that in the end turn out to be only breaking elements within a sound construction of a certain value and substantially devoid of smears from the executive point of view (apart from the growl a bit flat) and of the production. Through The Mouth Of The Grotesque is in fact an ep in which the positive aspects exceed the negative ones, which unfortunately tend to be noticed in direct proportion to the goodness of the context in which they are inserted. Considering the good outcome, it is to be hoped that the good Terpomele can return to offer a few dozen minutes of good music like those contained in this work.

2016 – Independent