Probably, a few years after leaving Katatonia to devote himself almost full time to October Tide, Fredrik Norrman began to miss those sounds more quiet and rarefied. It may be born from here the need to give life to a project like Thenighttimeproject, with which the Swedish musician finds himself to compete on the same ground of the award-winning company Nyström/Renkse. Obviously, Norrman has a darker taste, with some sprinkling of electronics that brings the proposal closer, at certain times, to the most intimate new wave. The operation succeeds quite well, even if, as well as for all the production of Katatonia in the new millennium, does not succeed to conquer me totally; the record flows smoothly, with its twilight sounds that draw on the background a gray and misty scenery, where the appearance of some ray of sunshine seems to be an unforeseen option, but the human tragedy that brooded under the magnificent melodies of masterpieces such as Discouraged Ones and Tonight’s Decision is far from being evoked both by the band that was the author, and by its various derivations. Here, in a context of good average level, some songs are striking for their painful elegance, in particular the coupled Caustic Reflection, effective and melancholic brushstroke of crystalline class, and the next and more winking Dissolve, which stands out for its more syncopated than the other episodes. The voice of Tobias Netzell (In Mourning) is suited to the genre even if his register shows very few variations on the theme, while Norrman (who for once takes care of the bass also renouncing to the contribution of his brother Mattias) juggles showing the usual mastery with all instruments, with the exception of the drums entrusted to Nicklas Hjertton. The homonymous work of Thenighttimeproject is appreciable, even if it doesn’t shout to the miracle, and it’s strongly recommended to those who feed on those delicate and soft sounds to which they have accustomed us, in fact, Katatonia or Antimatter themselves.

2016 – Aftermath Music