Volker – Volker

Violent whiplash that inflicted by the French Volker, a band that in the few minutes available in this debut EP puts more ideas (seasoned by an uncommon intensity) than they do myriads of groups in an entire discography. To the success of the operation contributes in a decisive way a vocalist as Jen Nyx (ex-Noein), capable of varying in the arc of the different tracks more vocal registers, turning depending on the circumstances in harlot, immature teenager, fierce dominatrix or sensual mermaid: in a nutshell, a performance to say the least monstrous in the name of a versatility rarely found. In addition to the intro 375-405, in this short self-titled work by Volker we find the furious black death’n’roll of Bitch, the dark blues with doom drifts of the amazing Pavor Nocturnus and, finally, the melodic deathcore of Zombie Heart. Said that the worthy companions of the damsel (corresponding to 3/4 of the excellent blacksters Otargos) give us inside as if there was no tomorrow, merging admirably technique and energy, should certainly keep an eye on this bomb (also sexy in the person of Jen) ready in the future to explode, fortunately without making victims but attracting new followers if anything.

2016 – Kaotoxin