Mesarthim – Isolate

The Australian duo called Mesarthim, with this first album featuring an atmospheric sound sprinkled with black metal, offer a very pleasant musical cross-section. The scream in the background and an accelerated rhythmic base won’t certainly win the favour of the purest blacksters, but it remains unquestionable that the melodies produced in Isolate are really beautiful, although simple in their repetition within the pieces. The titles of the tracks and the cover itself offer the idea of harmonies with a cosmic breath and Interstellar is the emblem as the most successful example, where the melodic line remains impressed not only for its linearity but also for its fluid integration with the metal harshness, which always remain in the background. The only risk of such an operation, however, is to push this gentle progression of notes to the dangerous boundaries of melancholy, sometimes going to the territories of neoclassicism format Mulino Bianco family in Allevi’s style, despite the harshness of rhythmic and vocal. Isolate is undoubtedly a light work but, despite its lightness, Mesarthim mostly manage not to take refuge in melodic solutions too trivial, bringing the listener to harmonize with a surrounding world that, for those who have been endowed by mother nature with a sensitivity above the average, proves to be a less and less welcoming envelope.

2016 – Avantgarde Music