This band, despite the complex moniker in Finnish, comes from Philadelphia, although the use of that language is amply justified by the fact that Mika Mage, who holds the ranks of Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus, is a native of precisely the great country of a thousand lakes. Under the aegis of the Russian label Symbol of Domination, as the mother label Satanath Records specialized in the recovery of half-known but worthy of attention realities, ours propose their black atmospheric traits and, in deference to the origins of Mage, much more oriented as a sound to the northern European scene rather than the U.S. The ep is short but, in these few minutes, Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus show to manipulate the matter in an appropriate way, giving to the sound mostly an icy aura with points in depressive territories, but always supported by good melodic lines; Mage avails himself in the course of the work of the contribution of three different vocalists, all aligned however to the traditional scream of back matrix. The opener Traversing The Frozen North is very beautiful and incisive, and the title track and the more robust Immaculate Deconception (previously released as a single) are not less convincing, while Virgin Essence is a bit less convincing due to rather questionable rhythmic choices; also interesting is the closing track, the acoustic Comte-Sponville, in which you can appreciate the valuable guitar technique of Mage. Madness Incarnate turns out to be an appreciable release by a band to keep an eye on in the perspective of a next long-distance work and, in this regard, it might be useful to rediscover the relatively recent full length The Child Must Die, published about a year ago.

2016 – Symbol of Domination Prod.