Ocean Of Grief – Fortress Of My Dark Self

Debut ep for the greek Ocean Of Grief, which come to give a strong hand to Immensity in proposing a Hellenic way to melodic death doom with highly evocative traits. Compared to their fellow Athenians, the sextet proposes a more orthodox version of the genre, renouncing completely to post metal pulsions and consequent abundant use of rarefied breaks and clean vocals, to focus exclusively on the impact of a sound that obviously draws sap from the already heard, touching however with constancy the right chords of emotion. Considering, in fact, that this is the band’s debut, the relative lack of originality goes completely in the background, especially if the quality of the sound is very high, as in this case. In fact, if you look closely, the Hellenic guys do not resemble anyone in particular but assimilate all their influences mixing them with wisdom, without ever offering the feeling of being in the presence of a trivial work of copy and paste. So the five songs, not even too long by the standards of the genre, unfold with great fluidity and richness of ideas, with an effective growl and a lead guitar to weave with continuity those painful melodies that you never get tired of listening to. The greatest merit of Ocean Of Grief is to propose the genre in its purest form, trying to evoke the emotions in a direct way without resorting to complex circumlocutions, making their own in this sense the lesson of the masters Saturnus. In reporting, in a tracklist of excellent average level, two amazing songs like House Of Misery and Drowning In Nostalgia, Fortress Of My Dark Self delivers to fans a band with huge prospects: a next step on long distance could already be decisive to consolidate Oceans Of Grief at the levels of bands such as Enshine (perhaps the greatest source of inspiration), When Nothing Remains, Evadne and Frailty, just to name those more contiguous to the amazing Greek band.

2016 – GS Productions