Grimirg is the solo project of the almost homonymous Finnish musician Grim666, a very active character in the extreme scene of his country, and MMXV-I is the long distance debut with which we are invited to walk the tortured road of funeral doom. The nuance of the genre chosen is the most atmospheric, dominated by enveloping keyboards on which they fall with slow cadence riffs and drum hits. Well performed and covered with a remarkable melodic taste, the work sometimes touches ambient territories but always maintaining a physiognomy aimed at creating a soft melancholy, that the elegant clean female vocals of the guest M.Karvinen contribute to exalt. We can say that the four long tracks alternate in their progression, in style and mood: if in Solitude and Into My Light the focus is more on the atmospheric side, entrusting above all to the keyboards the task of leading the dances, in Infinity Revealed and Cold Abyss a slightly more dramatic side is exhibited, thanks to a sober guitar work that brings everything on a level close to the melodic funeral in Ea style. MMXV-I is, therefore, a first step more than positive, with its more than forty minutes in the name of the funeral more comforting and less hostile; moreover, Grim666 also shows a certain prolificacy, since six months later saw the light the second full length, Pioneer Anomaly, which we will give you account as soon as we have the opportunity, in order to verify the seal on medium-high levels and any developments in terms of composition by the good Finnish musician.

2015 – Patologian Laboratorio Productions