Messa – Belfry

Incredible debut for this Italian band, doom with strong seventies influences, powerful and flying drones, all beautifully done. A disc that is fortunately unusual and out of the ordinary for this born band, composed of musicians from the most disparate musical backgrounds, from black metal to grind, from prog to dark ambient, to doom. All of this leads to an astounding result for a new band, given that it formed in 2014. The sound of Messa seems like a very dark and enjoyable pagan ritual, capturing various imaginaries, ennobled by the voice of Sara, a priestess who accompanies us on this bittersweet journey. All the songs are different and tell a story intertwined with different sounds and visions. Belfry gives a state of almost eternal calm, a detached point from which to observe our desperate anxieties, a comfortable niche in the cool of a glacier that has been dead for eons. Messa have the pace of great bands, and great musical staginess, as if they had been brought into the real world by Dario Argento himself, because throughout the record this Italian-style 1970s horror feeling hovers. Different musical visions amalgamate for an extraordinary result. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 18/4/2016)

2016 – Aural Music