Waiting for the release of their sixth long-distance work, which punctually keeps faith with the three-year cadence assumed in the last decade, The Vision Bleak grant a tasty appetizer with this ep containing four songs. The first two, The Kindred Of The Sunset and The Whine Of The Cemetery Hound, will be part of the next The Unknown and are obviously those on which we should focus more attention. The first track, which also gives the name to the ep, is the perfect single from the gothic moods and stands out as one of the most catchy songs and azzeccate ever composed by the couple Schwadorf – Konstanz; the second shows, however, a more introspective side and strong doom veins, resulting less immediate but equally convincing. Exhausted the task of introducing the new work, the German duo delights in covering the cult song The Sleeping Beauty by Tiamat (taken from Clouds), subjugating it to their particular style without distorting it, while the short Purification Afterglow is an instrumental of atmospheric ambient matrix that closes a very pleasant ep. With these premises, the next full length, scheduled for release at the beginning of June, should maintain the expectations and standards to which The Vision Bleak have accustomed us since their first steps, perhaps without giving birth to epochal masterpieces but skiing a series of albums of high average thickness and sound undoubtedly peculiar.

2016 – Prophecy Productions