Not even two years have passed since the review of Waning Light and here we are again dealing with a new full length of Funeris, the usual project of the Argentine musician Alejandro Nawel Sabransky who, showing a certain prolificity, has meanwhile released two other works on long distance, Funereal Symphonies and Act III: Bitterness. This most recent Nocturnes For Grim Orchestra was released last January and shows our grappling with a funeral doom always atmospheric traits, but cloaked in a ritual that, in some ways, is already evoked by the cover. Compared to previous records also changes the formula, with three tracks lasting more than twenty minutes that turn out to be as many funeral litanies driven mostly by a keyboard work, within which there are rare as welcome guitar inserts of soloist matrix. It ‘s useless to repeat that you have to take all the time needed, but Nocturnes For Grim Orchestra is a disc that, with due slowness, develops in crescendo, after the good but not sensational start of Sempiterna Oscuridad and the annihilating proceeding of the excellent Tempus Edax Rerum. The sound becomes inexorably less liturgical and more atmospheric, slowed down to the limits of asphyxia especially in the final Mouldy Gravestones, consolidating the interesting level exhibited by Sabransky in the last two years. Funeris is a name that, while not reaching the levels of the top bands in the industry, is proposed as a safe haven for those who want to listen to these mournful sounds.

2016 – Silent Time Noise