Still from the fertile France come Cepheide, a band that, with this Respire, reaches its second release after the debut demo De Silence Et De Suie, published in 2014. The Parisians are the authors of a very atmospheric black metal that often borders on depressive, helped in this by the constant screams that, rather than declaiming lyrics, eventually assume the function of a real additional instrument. All this represents in a credible way a dimension of affliction and despair that stands out on a melodic carpet of good workmanship: the work proves to be very interesting for its intensity even if, conversely, in the long run could pay duty because of its uniformity of expression. In order to escape from this risk we have to consider Respire almost as a sort of sound flow aimed at drawing the state of mind of who, on this earth, has given up to come to terms with the surrounding world and, above all, with himself. The two long tracks, which shine for an intensity at times spasmodic, differ partially as Le Souffle BrĂ»lant De L’ImmaculĂ© has a more apocalyptic pace and somehow adheres to the stylistic features of black metal in its darkest and most depressive, while La Chute D’Une Ombre exhibits passages ambient and, even when the rhythmic fury explodes, is cloaked in a certain cosmic aura. Respire is a decidedly intriguing work, even if not for everyone, by virtue of its merits, represented primarily by the high emotional impact, which far outweigh the defects, among which is reported instead a production not exactly clear. Cepheide have laid the foundations to produce in the near future something able to leave a deep mark, because the malaise and despair that are expressed in this work, still perfectible, take on those tangible traits that bands belonging to the same stylistic segment can not exhibit with similar depth.

2015 – Ogmios Underground 2016 – Fallen Empire Records / Sick Man Getting Sick Records / Monotonstudio Records