Cosmogonies of a music that is simultaneously religion and logos. The duo that goes by the name Sepvlcrvm is now in its second album, following 2010’s Hermeticvm. With the latter, they had made a decisive entry into ritual music, or musical ritual as you like to call it. The drones are laced with a framework of improvisations with a kosmische flavour. Sepvlcrvm’s ritual is about engaging different planes of our existence. The duo does serious esoteric research, both musical and religious, because the ritualistic aspect of music is the most ancient, and here it is recovered in its entirety. The five songs are actually two, since I and III are more functional interludes to the two longer tracks II and IV, which run over twenty minutes. Sepvlcrvm‘s journey is a continuum of passages indebted to an ancient knowledge that we have rejected, selling it out for false wisdom. In this record, everyone can search for what they want, but the only condition is to let themselves go to this flow, this force that arises and seems inert, but is actually very strong. Vox In Rama is an experience based on the immutability and strength of pagan beliefs and consciousnesses as strong as oak trees. There are not many comparisons for Sepvlcrvm other than themselves. To embellish it all, the artwork is by Marco Castagnetto. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 27/5/2016)

2016 – Argonauta Records

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