Suffer In Paradise – This Dead Is World

A beautiful surprise this album by Suffer In Paradise, authors of a funeral doom with a remarkable emotional impact. The russian trio draws especially from the sounds of Ea for the melodic inspiration, of Skepticism/Profetus for the keyboard touch, reminding at times also Ordog of Remorse, and the final result captivates and fascinates despite the obvious derivativeness of the proposed sound. But in funeral, more than in other genres, it’s not so important to do things first, it’s much more important to do them well, that is expressing one’s own sensibility in order to involve emotionally the fan (to whom, in front of a record that knows how to touch the right chords, originality can’t care less). This Dead Is World takes up two of the songs on the only sign of record life provided previously, or the self-titled demo dating back to 2010. Long times but effective results, then, and here there are all the papers in order to weave painful and evocative plots in the course of more than an hour, during which the keyboards create the ideal sound carpet to rest a well-delineated guitar work. A wonderful song like Somnambula unquestionably deposes in favor of the compositional talent of Suffer In Paradise, which compose the disc that those like me want to listen when they are looking for a consolatory catharsis, keeping away from experimentation and temptations drone, to be assimilated instead with another spirit, and leaving room for a linear sound as effective. Waiting for the return on the scene of the top names, this work is an excellent panacea and should prove to be certainly appreciated by those who appreciate the bands mentioned above.

2016 – Endless Winter