A very particular release for Club Inferno, sub label of My Kingdom Music, a record company that in our country can be considered in the same way as the German Prophecy for variety, depth and quality of its roster. The Unknown is the solo project of Iranian musician Aria Moghaddam who, after publishing two singles in the company of colleagues of a certain name such as Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema) and Luis Fazendeiro (Sleeping Pulse), creates this time a partnership with the American Kevin Pribulski, in turn owner of the monicker In Search Of. What comes out is a work of considerable interest by the emblematic title of In Search Of The Unknown: it is a long track of about forty minutes, divided into four movements, under the banner of an ambient atmospheric traits, sometimes orchestral, on which rest several recited parts (which also contributes Thomas Helm of Empyrium) that, as functional to the understanding of the concept behind the work, in the end turn out to be an element almost redundant. In fact, In Search Of The Unknown would easily stand up with only the goodness of the instrumental passages, pleasant, intense, wrapped in a blanket of darkness in the first two parts and then open in an atmospheric and melodic sense in the final ones. The album is very rich from the instrumental point of view and, even in the passages more canonically ambient, it’s not limited to minimalist or repetitive solutions but it’s possible to fully grasp, instead, the care put by Moghaddam and Pribulski at execution and production level. The Unknown is yet another pleasant discovery of an underground musical undergrowth that, while gravitating around the metal scene, is able to give life to sound solutions deeply introspective and not negligible artistic depth.

2017 – Club Inferno