Moaning Silence is a new project coming from the always fertile Hellenic land, especially when it comes to dark and atmospheric metal. The band created by Christos Dounis is effectively the protagonist of the recovery of those sounds that had a certain resonance at the end of the last century thanks to albums such as Forever Autumn by Lake Of Tears and Crystal Tears by On Thorns I Lay and that, unlike the current interpretation of the genre, was distinguished by a search for melody more direct and essential and free of technicalities of any kind. With the help of vocalist Emi Path, drummer Vangelis X and, above all, a leading figure in Greek metal as Bob Katsionis, also called to take care of the production, Dounis stages a work full of a painful and melancholic romanticism that, although linked to all possible clichés of the genre, turns out to be very pleasant. The ten tracks flow away enveloping and full of melodic lines well memorizable: A World Afraid Of Light starts at its best with two excellent songs such as the ideal representation of gothic doom programmatically entitled Solitude and, above all, the subsequent Black Skies, with a remarkable final crescendo, but should also be reported the excellent cover of Parisienne Moonlight, a pearl contained in Judgement of Anathema, the robust Stay and the airy An Elegy For The Crestfallen. For Moaning Silence a first work of good level, that doesn’t move the balance of the genre but that doesn’t remain inexorably crushed by the inevitable references to the past: simply, here we are in the presence of a series of beautiful songs, performed with the due competence and covered with a thin veil of melancholy, that is all that is needed to make these three quarters of an hour of music the pleasant soundtrack of particularly gloomy days.

2015 – Independent