Vainaja – Verenvalaja

Doom-brand death metal in the service of telling a strange all-Finnish story. Vainaja‘s work is based entirely on the life and books of Wilheim Waenaa, a mystical figure from Finnish folklore. From what little is known about this character, we learn that he was the main figure behind the rural Vainaja cult, an entity that terrorised the peasants and not only them. This cult was born and flourished mainly in the 18th century, and is unique given its peculiarities. The creed that worshipped Vainaja centred on blasphemy, human sacrifice and war on infidels among other things. And so far nothing strange. Verenvalaja is the only writing preserved and handed down to us by Waenaa, and it speaks of a resurrection, or rather a death and subsequent reincarnation into an evil creature. The chapters of the book are six like the songs on the record. Vainaja make doom-like death metal, with a strange, slow but inexorable, and totally original pace. There are also echoes of post-metal to make the mixture explosive. The lyrics in Finnish do not help comprehension, but rest assured that Vainaja make themselves very well understood through the music. Svart contributes as usual to bringing all-Finnish peculiarities to the fore like this record and this story. Vainaja‘s sick and strange atmospheres take us to a brutal and extreme place, and things unfold at blood speed. A new record for a band that goes far beyond music. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 11/6/2016)

2016 – Svart Records