The funeral doom coming from Canada usually leaves very little room for melodic or atmospheric temptations, and the works of Krief De Soli and Longing For Dawn are an eloquent demonstration of this. Temple Of Abandonment, from Vancouver, do not escape from this line; they manifest themselves with this demo entitled From Outer Spheres… Death, containing a single song of the same name that winds for a merciless half an hour, drawing enough from a band like Worship, for the use of a sound based on a riffing essential but very effective and completely devoid, as mentioned, of atmospheric temptations, the only concession is offered by a melodic lead guitar, perhaps a little ‘school in the execution, but equally capable of providing the whole aura sore that goes to cross with the negativity offered by vocals and riffs. Nothing is known about the band, which could also be the project of a single musician, if not its origin, but the music contained in this demo tells us that its author is able to effectively convey his personal and atrocious vision of existence and, for now, that’s enough.

2016 – Independent