From a rib of Blood Ceremony was born this interesting project called Völur. Lucas Gadke, bassist of the known Canadian occult doom band, uses the help of drummer James Payment and especially the violinist and vocalist Laura Bates, which proves to be a decisive element in giving peculiarity to the work. The release of Disir, in fact, dates back to a little more than two years ago in cassette format: the always careful Prophecy reproposes all in the most canonical versions in CD and vinyl improving at the same time the availability, especially on the most receptive European soil. The four long tracks contained here take their cue from the doom to push towards areas and nuances varied: with the violin to replace the guitar, the sound of Völur assumes characteristics not devoid of a certain charm, going to evoke from time to time swinging sensations from Mahavishnu Orchestra to King Crimson with David Cross in training, up to push the reflections of morriconiani suffused White Phantom. Disir is not a very easy album to assimilate, not so much for its relative catchiness as for its being placed in an area of indefinite boundaries and, therefore, not addressed to a specific group of listeners.
I imagine, however, that the many admirers of Blood Ceremony and the musical feeling that they represent, can only appreciate the work of Völur, brilliant in evoking ancestral feelings with this successful blend of folk, ambient, doom and progressive.

2014 – Prophecy Productions