Let’s start from the end: when the notes of the instrumental jewel Havets Kjele fade away, at the end of the umpteenth listening of Fórn, third full length of the German one man ban Fyrnask, I can say with confidence that, if you have to play black metal, this is the form that can silence forever critics and skeptics for biased towards the genre. In a little more than fifty minutes, the good Fyrn (which, in deference to the black verb, uses in his work the Norwegian idiom) shows all the facets of a musical movement that, if by force of things has lost with time its subversive charge, is still far from having exhausted its function of expressive medium par excellence of a pagan feeling, dark and introspective. After the ambient of Forbænir, a song like Draugr stands out as a manifesto of the compositional vis of the musician from Bonn: in it we find the original impulse of the genre with its Scandinavian origins (Emperor), the experimentation with apocalyptic traits that refers to the lively French scene (Blut Aus Nord) and, of course, the solemnity and the icy rigor of the German school (Lunar Aurora). Fórn has even the merit to enjoy a good production, able to exalt the atmospheric parts and to avoid chaotic outcomes when the tracks are left to flow with the usual paroxysm; to make the difference, in fact, is also a certain care for details that makes the listening rich, unpredictable and certainly not trivial. The crescendo of Agnis Offer, the pyroclastic fury of Blótan, the bewilderment caused by Kenoma, are just some of the many peaks of a disc of rare quality, which requires the due predisposition to an active listening and that, no offense to anyone, is light years away from the work of most of the one man bands, often authors of valid works but, at the same time, approximate in execution and production. Embellished by the magnificent artwork by the Irish graphic designer Glyn Smyth, Fórn is, as I said, one of the best releases in the black metal field listened in recent years; this same label, moreover, is likely to be reductive for a work that expresses with rare effectiveness a sense of spirituality found, wanting to look for a fitting comparison with some band of the past, especially in Negură Bunget pre-split, net of a folk component much less preponderant: I hope that such a reference can be enough and advance to make palatable listening to this wonderful album.

2016 – Ván Records