Prophecy Productions presents 1476 as “the best kept secret in dark and atmospheric rock“, and we usually trust the German label. It ‘s time, then, to bring to light the work of this duo of Salem, composed of Robb Kavjian and Neil DeRosa, which revives in part the glory of The Mission, what, in the second half of the 80s, was the band that best interpreted and reworked the legacy of post-punk and gothic, bringing out the most poetic and melancholy side. The juxtaposition with Wayne Hussey’s group serves, above all, to better frame 1476, which appear much more European than American (and perhaps the origins that are inferred from the surnames of the two musicians in this sense may have their weight), but we put a lot of their efforts to make the proposal unique by incorporating elements of neo folk and ambient, making it as fresh as ever while referring in part to sounds in vogue thirty years ago. It must be said that this record is, in fact, a partial sum of what has been achieved so far by 1476 (both the album Wildwood and the ep The Nightside, enclosed in this release, date back to 2012), adding that the remaining work of the duo will be published by Prophecy, pending a new album scheduled for the fall. Wildwood consists of eleven tracks with no weak moments, capable of transporting the listener from the acoustic melancholy of Horse Dysphoria and Banners In Bohemia to the more pressing rhythms of Good Morning, Blackbird, Stave-Fire and An Atrophy Trophy, without forgetting other magnificent episodes such as Black Cross/Death Rune and Watchers. The four tracks taken from the ep The Nightside (among which there is a more sparse version of the aforementioned Good Morning, Blackbird) appear instead much more introspective and less immediate, if we want to approach a certain neo folk, and excite less, while remaining at a level certainly satisfactory. In good substance, 1476 are able in an effective and convincing way to evoke those mysterious and ancestral atmospheres that are characteristic of New England, a region that, we cannot forget, gave birth to two giants of literature such as Poe and Lovecraft. And it is precisely to the first is dedicated the work that will be released in these days, always by Prophecy: Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair, conceived in 2014, is a kind of soundtrack that should show a still different face of the American duo. In short, there is a lot of meat on the fire for 1476, for whom the transition from the status of best kept secret to a stimulating reality of certain thickness is now a done deal. Wildwood / The Nightside is a work that could be appreciated by fans from different backgrounds, but united by a natural predisposition to feed on dark and evocative sounds.

2016 – Prophecy Productions

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