Charting The Depths Of Despair – Dеmo 2016

Charting The Depths Of Despair is the solo project of Australian musician Dan Garcia, bassist of The Slow Death; on this occasion, doing everything by himself, Garcia opts for a proposal more oriented towards the funeral and does so with good results. This release, programmatically titled Demo 2016, should be just a relevant taste of what probably our intend to propose in the future: this first approach is convincing because the interpretation of the material is entirely appropriate, in general what is proposed in this half hour of music shows typically atmospheric characteristics, leaving to flow is a sound based on an enveloping carpet of keyboards on which heavy riffs and an incisive vocal snarl are set. Little space, then, is reserved for solo evolutions while the focus is on an overall impact that makes the product appear, for its melodic and atmospheric breath, more akin to the Russian school (Comatose Vigil, especially in Gradually Decaying Fragments Of Thought) rather than overseas; however, there is no lack of sudden acceleration, as in the initial phase of In The Bleak Expanse Of Emptiness That Constitutes The Fabric Of Existence and in the final of Aimlessly Wandering A Boundless Plane Of Sorrow but, overall, the sound winds on the usual rhythmic bradycardic. The three long songs prove to be completely complementary, resulting flawless in execution and compositional vis: nothing new, needless to say, but after all the genre can not require anything else but the musical conversion of the most painful feelings and Dan Garcia performs this task without ever losing sight of that main objective.

2016 – Independent