Always looking for music that can hit and move, the Prophecy attracts in its varied and qualitative roster the Norwegian Vemod and proposes in a new format the debut full length Venter På Stormene. The duo formed by Jan Even Åsli and Eskil Blix (which became in the meantime a trio with the entry of bassist Espen Kalstad) took its first steps in 2004 (when the demo Kringom fjell og skog was released) but remained silent for some time until, in 2011, a split album with the Germans Klage and a new demo (Vinterilden) prepared the ground for the release of Venter På Stormene the following year. An album, this one, that at the time went unnoticed by most, although well received by those who had the opportunity to talk about it, crushed between the myriad of releases and the pigeonholing of the band in the black metal cauldron, a choice in some ways obliged but for others rather misleading. If it’s black without a shadow of a doubt, in fact, Vemod‘s black metal is characterized by very ethereal and atmospheric characters and with a not negligible ambient component and, moreover, it encloses and effectively amalgamates different sources of inspiration, which obviously include the basic Norwegian matrix, with references to the German school and also some Cascadian hints coming from overseas. The title track and the following Ikledd Evighetens Kappe are two excellent tracks, contiguous in their development, atmospheric and evocative but marked by an icy harshness of the background, while Altets Temple is a long ambient track and Å Stige Blant Stjerner, placed in closing, turns out to be a magnificent instrumental progression. Venter På Stormene is an album absolutely to be rediscovered while waiting for Vemod to reappear on the market, but this time with a label that can maximize the considerable potential.

2012 – Terratur Possessions