Here we are dealing with yet another workaholic of metal, one of the genius of characters like Déhà, to be clear, able to keep up a number of projects in double digits making reasonably believe that some mortals are really endowed with the gift of ubiquity. The remarkable thing is, however, that most of the time, this hyperactivity does not go to the detriment of quality and, even for the mentioned musician of Belgian origin, the trend seems to be paradoxically the opposite. Erun-Dagoth, born Spanish Javier Sixto, is a producer and musician involved, between past and present, in over twenty bands and projects including this one called Deprive, with which ours makes us fall back without mercy in atmospheres pleasantly novantiane. Those who loved the albums released in that decade by Morbid Angel and Incantation, just to name the two heaviest names that come to mind, will find bread for their teeth in this Temple Of The Lost Wisdom, a work that combines admirably the death of the early days those deadly slow doom matrix that made the fortunes of many in that period. The goodness of the work of the musician from Santander lies mainly in his ability to make relatively various songs, giving up a annihilating approach and opting, instead, for the inclusion of parts in which the sound becomes morbidly melodic; if we add to all this a remarkable performance in all respects, considering the strictly solo nature of the project, the final judgment for this work can only be very positive. The three quarters of an hour of first-class extreme music find their peak in a masterful track as Gospel of the Black Sun, in which a fan of doom music as myself can not help but enjoy what is, to all intents and purposes, an emblematic performance of the best death doom, with the furious accelerations interspersed with abrupt slowdowns in which the guitar draws harmonies that are anything but trivial, all topped by a growl maybe a bit monotonous but perfect for the context. That’s it, who wants to listen to death doom in its darkest and less winking form must follow the road taken by Deprive, because in Temple Of The Lost Wisdom is the state of the art of the subgenre, represented by an inspired songwriting and a production, finally, consistent with the sounds proposed.

2016 – Memento Mori