Evil Spirit is a band that has its base on the German soil, although within the trio is preponderant the South American component with its founders Marcelo Aguirre (vocals and drums) and Ari Almeida (guitar), later joined by bassist Saäth Nokr. It does not seem superfluous this clarification, because, as we have already seen in the past, the South American metal school shows a strong propensity towards a genre such as doom death of traditional matrix, which is precisely what is offered by the trio. Cauldron Messiah is the only full length published so far by the band, at first in 2014 by Horror Records, only in vinyl and cassette: Terror From Hell Records takes care of the release two years later in the more practical cd format, doing a welcome thing because it’s a work entirely deserving of a rediscovery. As I said, Evil Spirit‘s doom is very much linked to tradition, both when the sound appears more canonical and clean, and when it is left galloping in violent accelerations and soiled by a death soul that goes to make up a picture certainly vintage, but full of its own charm. Wanting to find a link with some albums of the past, I would say that listening to the title track, placed as a seal of good work, reveals what is one of the sources to which Evil Spirit drink: it’s hard, in fact, not to find strong references to the seminal Forest Of Equilibrium by Cathedral, although the trio has a distinct tendency to let go to sudden accelerations, as furious and almost convulsive than the monolithic pace that was Dorrian and partners, and this is what gives Cauldron Messiah a pleasant unpredictability. Evil Spirit give the impression of being guided by an instinct at times wild, which goes to cover a certain freshness to a proposal that has its roots in the past: good then ours in squeezing the most from their potential. After all, doom is always necessary, even when it’s nasty and dirty and not offered in its most enveloping melodic and evocative form.

2014 – Horror Records 2016 – Terror from Hell Records