Lacrimas Profundere – Hope Is Here

Older listeners will certainly remember Lacrimas Profundere as a young and promising band who, in the nineties, tried with some success to put themselves in the wake of the best bands in the gothic death doom sector. Time has passed and the sounds effectively expressed with albums such as La Naissance D’Un Rêve and Memorandum have been gradually abandoned, to land to a more reassuring but equally valid alternative rock that still maintains a well-defined dark DNA. The one taken into consideration today is the eleventh full length of the German band, able to move with dexterity between moods that unfold between Antimatter and Katatonia, with a greater propensity, however, to more airy openings. Hope Is Here is a collection of songs with a very good overall value, able not to make you regret the old times but, if anything, to cover with more refined clothes a melancholy that is still the basis on which the sound of Lacrimas Profundere rests. Of the original line-up has remained only what has always been the real engine of the Bavarians, guitarist Oliver Schmid, who now surrounds himself with younger musicians such as the rhythmic couple formed by brothers Clemens and Christop Schepperle and vocalist Rob Vitacca, in possession of a warm tone that is well suited to the soft atmospheres proposed, as well as the most experienced guitarist Tony Berger. The eleven tracks offered by Lacrimas Profundere make up three quarters of an hour of excellent music and impeccable execution and production; the admirers of the first hour of the band may struggle to digest a clear lightening of the sound, but really good tracks like The Worship of Counting Down, Hope Is Here and Timbre, just to name a few, have the necessary caliber to put everyone in agreement.

2016 – Oblivion