Darkher – Realms

A little less than two years ago I wrote a review that ended like this: “Darkher is like a poison that is assimilated in small doses at each step in the player until, reached the maximum dose tolerable by our body, we will paralyze permanently making us devoted slaves for eternity of this wonderful artist“. And here comes the time to assimilate the presumably fatal dose, since Realms, unlike its predecessor, is a full length that allows you to enjoy three quarters of an hour of music composed and performed by the wonderful Jayn Hanna Wissenberg. Accompanied by her husband Martin (guitar and bass) and the former Anathema and My Dying Bride Shaun Taylor-Steels (percussion), the English vocalist returns to insinuate in our souls her own voice, whispering their visions otherworldly, deformed through a lens in which it is predominant a shamanic spirituality. Although in this work there are at least two songs (Wars and the already known Foregone) in which a rhythmic prevalence seems to shake the music of Wissenberg almost like a sudden and impetuous wind does with the most extreme branches of the trees, to mortally hit are the most rarefied songs, those where the voice of this siren becomes breath, succeeding where her similar ones failed with Ulysses and the Argonauts and subjecting us to her song without any remission. To be listened to without being distracted by earthly things, letting oneself be crossed by a sound wave that, like a tide, at its retreat leaves as a tangible trace a calm cracked by an immanent sense of restlessness.

2016 – Prophecy Productions