Dejected Mass – Dirge

Dejected Mass make very heavy sludge, calibrated with heavyweights, somewhere between a drug session and music by Eyehategod and an acid taken at an Iron Monkey concert. Lately, the term sludge has been overused, in the sense that it is used somewhat out of hand, assigning it to records that have little or no sludge in them. Perhaps the reason is that people try to give sludge characteristics that it does not have. Sludge, all the more so when mixed with doom, must be disturbing, slow music, stinging like napalm in the morning. If you are looking for these things then Dirge is the record for you, it is a slow ride through sludge and miasma, and you will go as far as you want to go back. Slowness, heaviness, and an incredible melodic line are among the main characteristics of this band, which produces a record that is simply sensational, in terms of its extremity and clarity of overall design. The keys to the doors in this delirium are held by these. German guys, who founded the band in Heidelberg in 2012, and who currently have had defections in the line-up, but can hopefully continue, given the level of this record. Cubic tons of slowly lurching guitars, a bass that digs into your stomach, and drums that throb like a sick heart will fall on you.
A record both disturbing and fascinating, as befits great works, which should not only give pleasure, but also give fear to those who like it, and here there is plenty of fear. The general style is that of the excellent heavy underground of the nineties, when bands with heavy grooves wallowed freely in our ears like Lovecraft’s Ancients in the Last Day’s Sky, with a cut that is difficult to reproduce in these years perhaps due to too clean productions, but Dejected Mass pulls it off. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 24/8/2016)

2016 – Independent 2019 – Fucking Kill Records